Food Costs Soar in Mawchi


By Kantarawaddy Times

Local people have reported a significant surge in rice and other food items in the village of Mawchi in Hpasaung Township.

Due to ongoing clashes, it is not possible to deliver food products to some areas of Karenni State, resulting in rising costs. Particularly, fighting has continued to occur along the Demoso – Hpruso – Bawlakhe – Hpasaung road, preventing civilian vehicles from reaching Mawchi.

“Prices vary in different locations and shops within the Mawchi region, and I don’t think they will drop anytime soon,” a mine worker said. He mentioned that buses haven’t arrived in the area for a long time. The rising inflation is causing problems for him and other daily wage laborers.

One man informed Kantarawaddy Times that a 32 kg bag of Pale Thwe rice has reached 400,000 kyat ($190), and Shwe Up rice is priced at about 600,000 kyat.

Around Mawchi, the cost of other items is as follows: a viss (1.63 kg) of betel nut costs 40,000 kyat; dried chili costs 150,000 kyat; potatoes cost 30,000 kyat; onions cost 30,000 kyat; garlic costs 40,000 kyat; tomatoes cost 40,000 kyat; one egg costs 1,500 kyat; a chicken costs 50,000 kyat; beef costs 40,000 kyat; pork costs 30,000 kyat; a small bottle of cooking oil costs 10,000 kyat; a litre of petroleum costs 10,000 kyat; a barrel of diesel costs 2 million kyat.


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