First Autonomous University Opened in Karenni State


Kantarawaddy Times

Phansaw, the first autonomous university, commenced operations in March at a certain location within Karenni State.

Doctor U Kyaw Thu Win, appointed as the new university’s rector, explained that Phansaw’s establishment was facilitated by backing from the Loikaw University Interim Executive Council, the National Unity Government (NUG), and the Karenni State Interim Executive Council (IEC).

“We have gathered all the essential teaching materials for the university, and our teaching staff, consisting of education professionals displaced by conflicts, is ready to support the students. This has encouraged us to establish a field university. In consultation with the NUG and IEC every step of the way, we received their enthusiastic approval. Despite facing numerous challenges, we managed to secure a location and officially launch our university. This signifies the beginning of a truly self-governing institution”, he said.

Phansaw stands as a pioneering field university borne out of the collective endeavors of Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) and the rallying against the Junta post-coup. As it emerged during this transitional phase, the university grappled with various problems, including a shortage of teaching staff and classrooms, along with inadequate accommodation.

At Phansaw, students have the option to delve into 14 subjects including:

Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Philosophy, Geology, Law, Oriental Studies, and Economics. Currently, accommodation constraints limit admissions to just 98 students, with teaching delivered both in-person and online formats.

Phansaw offers programs from the undergraduate level through to the master’s degree, with a four-year duration for completion. Semesters are structured into three-month intervals.

Doctor U Kyaw Thu Win noted that graduated students will receive certificates, along with support in connecting with employment opportunities.

Kham Eugene, deputy head of IEC’s education department, highlighted the collaboration between Phansaw and the IEC’s education department, expressing pride in the emergence of such a prestigious educational institution.

Presently, Phansaw University is welcoming and educating a majority of students whose studies were disrupted during the pandemic, with plans to initiate distance education classes starting from June.


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