February 12 Becomes the Public Revolution Day – Declaration of Karenni True History

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Kantarawaddy Times

In today 1st convention of public movement for Karenni true history, it is confirmed that February 12 is the Public Revolution Day of declaration for Karenni true history.

“Today date will remain as unforgettable history and moment to every one of our youths and people that today is the sacred day, we could not replace our Karenni history with any and it is unique as well.” U Chit Tun, a representative of Karenni National People’s Liberation Front (KNPLF), says in opening speech.

Today convention is organized by Union of Karenni State Youth (UKSY) at Loikaw, and totally 200 participants attended – members of Karenni tribes, representatives of Ethnic Armed Groups, representatives of Political Parties, representatives from Community Based Organizations, and Karenni youths.

The day is confirmed together after compiling the discussion point and assertions from these attending participants.

“This is a good activity to declaring for this kind of day. It could lead to remembering the day and empower stronger participation in movement, on the other side, we also need to try to reach to the extend of giving good example to others through revealing every section of development.” Khu Plu Reh, a representative who joins the convention, says.

In last year on February 12, 2019, over thousands of publics from Kayah (Karenni) State halted their protest activity against the construction of Bo Kyote Statue.

At the closing of convention, it is declared that they will continue their attempt of removing the statue.

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