Farmers in the Central Kayan Region of ​​Phekone Township Facing Difficulties Due to Low Rainfall

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Khoon Clai Free

Due to the low rainfall in the Central Kayan region, Phekone Township, Southern Shan State, farmers could not access adequate water and they are encountering with their cultivation process.

Farmer Khoon Ar-Lay Shwo said, “We got more tired in less access of water area. As the work could be done just little by little each day, if we compare with the soil condition, it is faster for those who could access water. For the area with limited water, we push our plow little by little and farm. In one day, we can plant only one or two plants at most. If we have to keep doing like this, it is absolutely impossible. You can’t do it until it rains.”
As their irrigation relies only on mountain water, they will get enough water only if there is heavy rain.

Although the farmers’ paddy seedlings have expired to transplant, they are in concerns as they could not do any cultivation progress due to lack of irrigation water.

“Our paddy seed is “Shwe Yi Aye”. Its seedling life span is only twenty days. But now it is more twenty days and almost up to a month as we could not access water. If you plant the expired -over 20 days- seedlings, the yield will be lower. Another thing is if you plant it on its day, it will give high yield. If you plant late, the yield will be lower,” said Sr. Yin Yin Aye, who is reading the news at the BC Hill Monastery in Central Kayan Region.

At present, more than 3 acres of farmland owned by the monastery have not been planted yet although it is time to tranplant paddy seedlings.
It is said the school, which takes care of about 30 orphans each year, that the number of children could be reduced due to the potential food shortages.

The farmer Khoon Mar Nwe Le said that local farmers have wasted their time waiting for irrigation water due to the weather crisis this year.

He said, “In this rural area, they seek their job in other areas after completing their farming in order to make their living. They go only after their farm work. But now it was too late for our family to find another source of income after waiting for the weather. Besides, it take too much time working with small farming machines, buffaloes and human labor. This year costs more than every year.”

About 600 acres out of more than 1,600 acres of farmland in the central Kayan area of ​​Phekone Township are facing water shortages, said Khun Hla Myo, the village-tract Administrator.

“If the situation will just be like this, we have plan to contact with the relevant departments and ask for the necessary assistance. As the farmers have submitted their issues, I have plan to report it to the union or township,” he said.

In previous years, floods were common, but due to the lack of rain and water scarcity, farmers are facing difficulties for cultivation.
As the water level of Mobyel Dam is getting lower, it is affecting to the farmlands which relied on Moebze Lake including the farmlands from the Central Kayan region, Phekone Township, and it is known that some farmlands could not access adequate water for this year faming.

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