Expectant Mothers in Mese Lack Balanced Diet Amid Displacement


By Kantarawaddy Times

Over 30 pregnant women residing in a displaced camp in Mese Township, Karenni State, along the Thai border, are facing challenges in obtaining a balanced diet crucial for themselves and their unborn children.

Maw Poe Po, a member of the Karenni National Women’s Organization (KNOW), highlighted the need for nutritional food for pregnant women, emphasizing that they are not receiving adequate support. With the approaching winter, there is an additional requirement for warm blankets and clothing.

While KNOW is offering some assistance, Maw Poe Po stressed that it falls short of the essential needs of the pregnant women. She underscored the importance of providing mental and health care support, recognizing that these women have unique needs that require special attention. She expressed hope that donors will respond to the call for assistance and help bridge the existing gaps.

Karenni volunteer teams report the presence of nine displaced camps, accommodating around 10,000 individuals in Mese Township. The displacement began in June when the Karenni People’s Liberation Army defected from the ruling State Administration Council and started fighting with its soldiers.


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