Dozens of Junta Soldiers Captured by Resistance During Ambush in Hpasawng


By Kantarawaddy Times

Resistance forces have captured 56 Burma army soldiers who were sent as reinforcements during the conflict in Hpasawng Township, Karenni State.

Col Phone Naing, the adjutant general of the Karenni Army, one of the involved groups, stated that the regime dispatched 109 soldiers from Htoo Chaung to aid their comrades in Hpasawng town. However, 53 of these soldiers were killed in Pa Pu village on Thursday, and the remaining were taken as prisoners.

A strategic commander, a battalion commander, and several officers were among those apprehended.

Phone Naing said the fighting persisted throughout the day. By the time it was over, they confiscated 76 guns from soldiers belonging to Light Infantry Battalions 515 and 516, Infantry Battalion under LID 66, and IB-135 under Loikaw Regional Operations Command.

According to the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force, the resistance has captured nine camps since launching their offensive in the township two months ago. Frequent airstrikes and artillery shelling since fighting started have resulted in civilian casualties, particularly in the town which the resistance is trying to capture.

The captured camps include Zaydikon (Pa Pu), Zaydikon (II), a police camp, two military checkpoints, Hpasawng Town Hall, Htee Htar, Mawchi military checkpoint, and Mawchi.


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