Disqualified Bid Projects were Reported in Kayah State Hluttaw

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The member of Kayah State Hluttaw Public Budget Monitoring Committee, U Khin Maung Tun (nickname) Naw Ei, said the company’s projects processed through bids (Tender) under Kayah State Government’s community development projects are disqualified.

“The worst thing is poor quality of construction which the buildings are found with crack lines. Another one is the road construction; their operation does not match with what they proposed. For instance, they do not cover the soil road with sand after spraying it with water. They do not enter to the field and monitor it; shirk on their duties. It is very bad. In case of those projects, they requested huge budget. It is really unfair for our Kayah State,” he said.

It said there is a gap between the proposed budget and the actual project implementation due to the lack of initial assessment and budget plan.

“Their budget plan and allocation are very different. Some were more than planned while some were inadequate. Therefore, our budget might not be waste if there is an initial well plan,” U Khin Maung Tun (nickname) Naw Ei kept saying.

Regard to these issues, its implementation progress of development project was presented in the meeting of Kayah State Hluttaw on June 10th.

It also presented about the disqualification of road construction that the layer of Aung Chan Tar hillside-highway road, projected in Mawchi Village, were thick only 3 and half inches or 2 and half inches instead it supposed to be 15 inches.

It also urged the related departments and state government not to waste the public budget.

Regarding to the disqualification of tender project, it also said the companies are only interested the project allocated in urban, and there are also the budget allocations without tender since those companies have poor interest projected in remote areas.

The Secretary of Kayah State Hluttaw Public Budget Monitoring Committee, U Aung Naing Oo, said the disqualifications caused due to the miscalculation problem as the budget was transferred to the company without tender process.

“Currently, the implementations were done without tender in Shardaw and Hpruso Townships. Although we called for tender, no one was interested in it. It was for the areas with poor transportation, supporting of hospitals or clinics. As the transportation is difficult, no one applied the tender. Those companies who promised to implement also refused to proceed it,” said U Aung Naing Oo.

According to the presentation in Hluttaw, it found in the fourth-year report of Public Budget Monitoring Committee that there were 86 projects of building construction, 99 projects of road construction, 24 projects of retaining wall, 25 projects of bridge construction, 2 projects of farmland identification, 2 projects of electricity pole erection, 2 projects of dam construction, and 1 project for water supply.

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