Displaced People from Moebye in Dire Need of Food and Shelter**


Kantarawaddy Times

People displaced by fighting in Moebye Township and seeking refuge in the western part of Demoso Township are in dire need of shelter and food, according to displaced persons.

“There are many needs we are facing. We couldn’t bring rice. We couldn’t bring anything with us,” said a displaced civilian from Moebye.

It has been reported that the displaced people are from Wari Su Palai and Loe Yin villages who fled due to the fighting. Locals have stated that they fled due to airstrikes and heavy artillery shelling near the villages.

“When we left, the jet fighters had stopped coming, but we could still hear the sound of heavy weapons. We heard ‘thud, thud’ sound. When the planes stopped coming, we decided to leave” said a displaced women.

The displaced people who arrived in the western part of Demoso Township are currently taking refuge with relatives, and some are living in huts in the fields.

There are currently about 30 displaced people from Moebye. They fled with only the clothes on their backs and are in need of food and shelter.


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