Day/Night Patrolling to prevent lead mining in dangerous areas in order to prevent Mawchi landslides

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Soe Htike Aung

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, U Ti Reh, said they were patrolling to see if anyone is working in hazardous areas as some landslides are likely to occur at the Mawchi mining area.

“We are setting up the signs and posters saying ‘This is a danger zone; it can be dangerous’, and providing awareness workshop. Besides, in Mawchi, our group joins with the multigroup, and we are patrolling once in a day and once in a night time in order to prevent from the mining and working in those restricted areas,” said U Ti Reh, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation.

Landslides have been frequented in recent years, with some deaths. During the rainy season, most people stopped digging for lead, but some continued to work for a living. Many are moving to safer areas due to the risk of landslides in the rainy season.

β€œOn the KB 1 zone, there are about 17 houses relocated to the village. No.2 area is also relocated to the village. They said it was raining heavily so that they are worrying about a landslide,” said Daw Magret Sein, a villager of Yu Kaw Kho (Hillside-13) Village.

Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, U Ti Reh, said the area are currently being rehabilitated.

“Concerned with the question how to prevent the landslides is that we have to build a retaining wall where the landslides probably occur. We will improve the flow of water. The danger zone will be fenced after the danger zones are identified. That is how we prevent landslides,” U Ti Reh said.

In the Kayah State Annual Report 2019 related to their project implementation, progress, and public’s social welfare and development, it mentioned that the Kayah State Department of Mines is approved with the permission of the Union to produce the tin-tungsten (wolfram), and shed light ores in Kayah State with (13) mining zones plus (4) mining zones approved from the State Mining Zone Auditing Group.

During the four-year period – from 2016-17 fiscal year to 2019-20 fiscal year, it was permitted to implement the mining; (8) blocks (less than 50 acres) of mini project and one block of micro project on lead and tungsten mining.See TranslationSeen by everyoneLikeComment

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