Chief Minister Cancelling its Prohibition to Avoid the Threat of Public Socio-economic

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Naw Dway Eh Khu

Chief Minister U L Paung Sho said on April 10th that they cancelled their announced prohibitions in order to avoid from the impact of socio-economic of citizens in Kayah State.

“We had to do like this in order to avoid from the threat on citizen’s socio-economic and to minimize their anxieties and fear. This decision was done with my true goodwill. We also had clarified about these,” said Chief Minister.

Chief Minister said although the state government is managing their best based on the requirement of the country, they also don’t want to decide by considering only for its own goodness and state.

Chief Minister responded upon its April 7th cancellation onto the announcement released on April 6th which stated the hotel, motel, guesthouse, inns, construction, and clothing stores will be temporarily lockdown as of April 7th until April 22nd.

The state-level Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Control and Emergency Committee was organized on April 7th, and Chief Minister is in charge as chairperson and the other representatives from government ministries and departments are the committee members.

It also said currently the state government is triggering its implementation regarding to the control of disease.

They said the Private Bus Express Business Administration Committee of Loikaw highway bus terminal is doing in accordance with the guidance given by state government.

The Chairperson of Private Bus Express Business Administration Committee U San Aye said, “Our committee is doing our business in accordance with the guidance of state government, all are operating with their instruction. We cannot deny their command, and our committee follows exactly with their commands.”

There are some comments from health staffs that this cancellation may lead to threats for the state.

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