Burma Army Lays Mines Around Its Camps in Mobye

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By Kantarawaddy Times

The armed forces of the Military Council have placed mines around their camps to deter resistance groups from attacking them in Mobye. However, they are also preventing civilians who have been displaced from the conflict from returning to the town in Pekon Township.

Farmers should be working in their fields by now, but most people have been unable to reach their farms and homes in the town due to safety concerns. However, a handful of people have managed to sneak into their homes in the town to retrieve some of their valuables.

“We cannot stay in our homes for many hours. If the Burma army finds us, they will arrest us,” said a man affected by the conflict, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

An anonymous officer from the Mobye People’s Defence Force (PDF) informed Kantarawaddy Times that the enemy has also been deployed along the road between Mobye and Pekon and maintains a significant presence in some wards of the township.

Another anonymous soldier from the PDF mentioned that there hasn’t been fighting in the area for over two months. “Their military column has been unable to launch offensive operations here. That’s why it’s so quiet here, but their troops have been deployed in the town.” He pointed out that the Military Council could launch an offensive at any time, at which point fighting will immediately flare up again.

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