Armed Organisations Join The Fight Against COVID-19

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By Soe Hteik Aung/Kantarawaddy Times

Ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) joined the fight against COVID-19 and are cooperating with the Kayah (aka Karenni) State government by setting up medical checkpoints to stop the spread of the virus.

CHDN was created by six Karenni EAOs as a preventive measure to stop the transmission of the novel coronavirus, Soe Moe Aung, the deputy program director of Civil Health and Development Network (CHDN), told Kantarawaddy Times. CHDN will monitor for potential cases and transfer them to the hospital.

CHDN discussed with the government how they can work together during the health crisis.”Our medical staff are checking the temperatures of travellers at checkpoints in our territories,” Soe Moe Aung explained.

“Our medical team will try to locate potential COVID-19 cases and transfer them to the most appropriate township. We’ve already given the orders to our staff on the ground,” Soe Moe Aung said.

Twenty-nine medical checks have been set up by CHDN in Kayah State. Twenty-three are located in areas controlled by the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) and the rest are controlled by the Kayan New Land Party (KNLP).

Four patients with symptoms related to COVID-19 were placed under observation in the hospital on April 13, according to information obtained from the government. At the time of press, none of the patients were tested for the coronavirus.

Kantarawaddy Times tried to contact the hospitals where the patients are receiving medical care for an update but wasn’t able to acquire any new information.

The CHDN was created by KNLP, KNPP, Karenni National People’s Liberation Front (KNPLF), Karenni National Solidarity Organization (KNSO), Kayan National Guard (KNG) and Karenni National Peace and Development Party (KNPDP).

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