Ambulances are needed in the western part of Hpruso Township

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Ambulances are needed for residents in the western part of Hpruso Township, where health care is difficult, said U Dee Dee (AKA) Sit Mone, a Member of the Pyithu Hluttaw (People’s Assembly) who won the 2020 election.

He said there was a shortage of rural clinics and medicine, which made it difficult to treat patients and that emergency patients needed to be brought to the city for timely treatment.

“It’s a health emergency. We’ve been thinking about it for a long time. We need like emergency vehicle, maybe it looks like a funeral car. In Hpruso Township, it would be great if we have roughly seven vehicles. That should be sufficient enough. So in this coming years, we will try to request in many ways to get this kind of vehicles, like funeral car, to the government, and other donors,” he said.

During the rainy season, motorbikes are not possible to travel, so there are times when patients were carried on foot.Fr-Anthony, pastor of the Catholic Church in Kay Kaw Village-tract, said the current situation makes it difficult to transport patients with life-threatening emergencies.

“I have sent patients for five times. There are also occasions which I have to send the patients at 12AM midnight and 2AM in the morning. I have to go even at midnight like that. When there is a danger to life, like the pregnant woman, it is difficult for us to walk this way in the middle of the night. It is very difficult. And the patient’s life is in danger. Driving a car is also life threatening,” said Fr-Anthony, pastor of the Catholic Church in Kay Kaw Village-tract.

In Kayaw village, religious nuns also provide medical treatment, and a mobile health team visits the village clinic once a month. However, Fr-Anthony said, some had to travel to the city for medical treatment since the medicine and supplies did not match.”Sometimes when patients come to clinic for treatment, the nurses are not there. That makes a lot of trouble. Because we are from another village-tract, we do not know whether there is a nurse or not when we come. Since we could not know, I encounter with no such teacher/nurse. There are a lot of difficulties like that,” said U Kyaw Lui Zi, a youth leader in Domo Khaw Village, Tho Thee Pho Village-tract.

A health clinic has been set up in Domo Khaw village, Tho Thee Pho Village-tract, this year, but it has not yet opened. Thus, the patients from that area have to travel to another clinic in Kay Kaw Village, or to the nearby ethnic armed organizations’ clinics for the treatment.

The Kay Kaw Village-tract has only one government rural clinic and two ethnic armed organization’s clinics.In Kay Kaw Village-tract, Tho Thee Pho Village-tract, and the Raw Daw Khaw Village-tract, majority are Pre’ tribe, with a population of between 5,000 and 7,000.

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