All entrants must be in their own expense to receive surveillance quarantine

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Kantarawaddy Times

Loikaw Township Administrator U Yan Naing Win said that all those entering the state except those abroad must pay their own expenses during the quarantine period to prevent the spread of the disease.

“The expatriates have not been able to save money because of the troubles there, so we have been instructed to support meal for them. We will continue to provide for them as before. The rest of the entrants who enter from other region will be supported the meal at 2,800 Kyats cost according to the directive, that is how it differs,” said U Yan Naing Win.

It said you will have to pay 2,800 kyats per day for food and a total of 39,200 kyats for 14 days from the start of the quarantine period to prevent infection.

The state government has instructed that the samples be taken once again and he or she will have to do another home quarantine for seven days.

In the case of COVID-19, disease surveillance is being carried out at foreign entry / exit gates; Inspections are being carried out at state entrances and exits, and people who come to the hospital for cough are being systematically examined.

On September 10, eight entrants are being quarantined to Loikaw Education College, 20 entrants at the Tartana Temple, 10 entrants at Deemawso Agricultural Science Institute, 2 entrants in Shardaw Gymnasium Hall, and 2 entrants at Mese Gymnasium Hall, totally 42 laboratory samples have been sent to the Yangon National Health Laboratory Center for inspection.

There are 42 patients in Kayah State who are still waiting for medical results.

To date, Kayah State is the only state free of COVID-19 disease.

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