Airstrikes Continue In Hpruso Township


By Kantarawaddy Times

The regime has continued its bombardment of villages while residents of western Hpruso Township slept. Airstrikes over the past three days in areas where no fighting was reported have already killed one man and injured two others.

During the latest attack on Saturday a fighter jet flew three airstrikes and dropped three bombs on a village early in the morning, but no fatalities were reported. A woman told Kantarawaddy Times on condition of anonymity a building used as a kitchen was destroyed. In total, during the three attacks on several villages, a school and at least 10 houses were damaged and some animals were killed.

Many people have fled into the jungle during the rainy season to escape. “They’re afraid of the air raids by the Burma army…They don’t feel safe even if they hide in the jungle. They don’t think there is a safe place for them. Some of them are elderly people, pregnant women, disabled people and children who have become sick because of the heavy rain,” she said.

The regime flew its first airstrike at 12:30am on 22 June, the second at 4:30am on 23 June and the third attack at the same time on 24 June.

Airstrikes in Karenni State have increased dramatically this year. According to the Karenni Human Rights Group, over 200 houses were bombed or set on fire by regime soldiers. The military regime aerially bombed at least four medical facilities in Pekon and Demoso townships where fighting escalated between March and May.


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