Additional SAC Soldiers Surrender in Loikaw


By Kantarawaddy Times

On Saturday, at least 15 more soldiers from State Administration Council (SAC) surrendered to the Karenni resistance during its assault on regime forces in the capital town of Loikaw, said an officer with the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force’s (KNDF) information department who requested anonymity.

“We request all remaining SAC soldiers surrender to the resistance groups as soon as possible,” he said. With the revolution moving ahead, the officer said they want them to “join the people, standing tall as brave soldiers with dignity”.

Since the 1111 Operation was started on November 11 to capture Loikaw, over 60 SAC soldiers have laid down their arms. Only a few days into the offensive, SAC Capt Kaung Myat Ko surrendered with 32 soldiers when the resistance captured Loikaw University.
KNDF has provided them with medical care, food, and shelter in accordance with its own protocol regarding POWs.

Fighting continues in Loikaw, where the resistance has captured over a third of the town from SAC. The information officer said the regime has suffered between 100 to 200 casualties, and some KNDF troops were killed too, but he wouldn’t elaborate on these figures.


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