A volunteer-run school western Demawso Township closes early due to water shortage


Kantarawaddy Times

During the current winter dry season and the upcoming summer dry season, some parts of Demawso Township are experiencing water shortage problems. A headmaster at a refugee school in western Demawso had to close the school early due to a lack of water.

“There’s not enough water for the number of students. The toilets require water, but the taps are dry,” said a refugee in that village. A resident said that two-thirds of the village’s population are war refugees. “Our village has not had enough water since the beginning. When the rainy season ends, water becomes difficult. That’s why these schools are closed after December,” the teacher said.

As the region relies mainly on rainwater, it is difficult to get water at the school, so the rest of the classes except for the 10th grade have been closed, he said. It is reported that schools are planned to reopen only in June, when rainy season begins.

In this refugee school, many students come from far away and live in dormitories, meaning that they rely on the school for all their water needs.

Last year there was no closure like this, but this year the influx of refugees expanded the school population. The school was opened in June 2022. There are more than 1000 students and 40 teachers.


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