A school that was closed due to the junta’s frequent gunfire still cannot open, and children are psychologically affected


Kay Du (Kantarawaddy Times)

Junta forces often fire mortars into civilian areas in the Karenni Land, and there are explosions near the schools, which affects the students psychologically, according to a volunteer school teacher, Daw A Mu La.

“When we were studying, if an airplane flew by, we were very afraid. The children were also afraid, even when they heard an airplane from a distance. They had never experienced anything like this before. Even now, there have been many times when a mortar shell fell in the village. I can say that it has affected them psychologically. And I can say that their education is no longer effective. In the past, they were able to study freely. Now they are learning through fear.”

On December 20, 2022, two schools in eastern Demawso township were temporarily closed after junta jets flew over Karenni Land, and they are trying to reopen, but they have not been able to because the junta is firing mortars frequently.

One school was able to finish the second exam, but did not have time to hold the academic award ceremony. In addition, a school that was opened in a place away from the war is said to be teaching only 3 days a week.

“What if they don’t learn to read, and become delinquents? What if they don’t pass the exam?” worried a parent of a student.

About 28 volunteer-run schools have been opened in eastern Demawso township of Karenni State. In addition, there are training schools that have been opened so that refugee teenagers can continue their education.


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