A request presented at the peace talk to get international support for the Youth Empowerment School

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It is said a request was discussed in peace talk to seek international support for the Seh Tow Row School, which is open to young people.

A youth empowerment school; the Youth Peace, Education and Development Center is open near Daw Nyay Ku Village, Htee Paw Hso Village-tract, Hpruso Township, Kayah State.

A Deputy Head of the Development, Social Security and Resettlement Committee of Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), Htoo Chit, said he raised the discussion to get international assistance for the needs of Seh Tow Row School at the online meeting of KNPP and the government on December 7.

“The main thing is a plan for Seh Tow Row. The state government and the union government will work together to access electricity in Seh Tow Row. Another issue is how we can help Seh Tow Row together with the support of international embassies. I discussed mainly about it.”

It is said the discussion was to seek the supports of other international donors for acess to electricity for Seh Tow Row School.

Some peace processes were discussed at the meeting, but no peace agreement was reached, and only the development of the Seh Tow Row boarding house, which was the result of development, was approved.

“I don’t think there was an agreement. I think that’s the only thing to provide electricity to Seh Tow Row school.” KNPP Secretary-General Khu Daniel said.

As part of the Karenni National Progressive Party’s (KNPP) education program, the government agreed to open the school after a 2012 ceasefire agreement. Under the new government after the 2015 election, it was delayed due to protests and was only reopened in 2018.

The school is for middle and high school students from remote areas to be able to further their education. It is a boarding school that provides high school students with other youth empowerment programs.

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