A deaf man was attacked and beaten by junta troops and had to be hospitalized


A 32-year-old deaf man was beaten so badly by junta troops that he has spent a week in the hospital with his injuries, his mother said.

“He was hit a lot. His head was hit in 3 or 4 places. He was abducted while sitting on a brick wall in the middle of the village, and then whipped with a rope. His hands are also damaged. He was bruised and swollen and was cut in four places. He was released several hours after the abduction and torture, and then taken to the hospital. For 4 to 5 days, he had to be washed with hot water,” said his mother.

“He could only lie in bed, and had to be fed. He has to return to the clinic every three days.”

Normally the man is a farm worker and helps his parents with food.

On October 21, two men were abducted and beaten by junta troops after returning from work in their sesame field in Bawlakhe, and were held for three days.


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