80 New Recruits Voluntarily Join Resistance Forces in Defiance of Military Junta’s Conscription Law


By Kantarawaddy Times.

Eighty young individuals who refused to serve in the military junta’s forces due to the recently enacted conscription law have instead chosen to join the resistance forces. They are currently undergoing basic military training, as confirmed by a spokesperson for Battalion 1006, Pekhon Township People’s Defense Force (PDF), in an interview with Kantarawaddy Times.

These new recruits, all hailing from Pekhon Township, joined the resistance movement throughout March. Images of their ongoing basic training were released by Battalion 1006 on April 7th.

“The new recruits are young people from Pekhon Township who began joining us in March. Due to various circumstances, we were only able to commence their training recently. Some of them joined specifically because of the conscription law. They all arrived with their own firm convictions” stated a Battalion 1006 official.

It is understood that a significant portion of the recruits are students who previously participated in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM).

Currently, the spokesperson added, the new recruits are in need of essential supplies such as food and uniforms.

“To address their needs, we hope that the public can extend their support. There are many young revolutionaries in Pekhon who have been fighting with unwavering strength since the revolution began. Now, with this influx of new members, we are facing challenges in providing adequate food and necessary military uniforms for each soldier” he explained.

Pekhon Township People’s Defense Force Battalion 2 welcomes those who join with their own convictions and provides them with comprehensive basic military training to effectively combat the military junta.

Additionally, those who are interested to join the resistance forces are welcomed to contact on the social media page of Battalion (2), which is (Battalion 1006 Pekhon People’s Defence Force-2).


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