The Engagement of Balake Hluttaw Representatives with the Public’s Still Weak

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By Kantarawaddy Times

Most of the locals from Balake Township say the engagement between Hluttaw representatives from Balake Township, Kayah, and local is very weak till this day.

“Our wish is we want to have mutual meeting between the public and Hluttaw MP. There are supposed to be some questionings like what the public want does to be or do, but it is not as we expected. Despite, we even never met Hluttaw MP till now. In fact, they are supposed to be standing together with public.” U Naing Zaw, the local from Shan Pein Kwet Tic Ward, Balake Township, says.

It is said there are hinders of sending their report about local needs to the government as the seat winner of Balake Township is the representatives from the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

None of the ministers from National League for Democracy (NLD) government visits and inquires the need of public.

U Zaw Zaw, the local from Shan Pai Ward, Balake Township, says, “Our Balake Township is like we have two groups of government. One government is the election winner, and they are leading the country while another government do not lead the country but have their seats in Hluttaw. So, there are two government groups. Although we have two groups, it is almost five years by waiting which government would come and ask the needs of citizens. They might do it seldomly in urban. Maybe only their relatives.”

The Union Solidarity and Development Party (UNDP) and U Soe Thein, the former minister of President Office who nominated individually, won Balake constituency in 2015 election.

In State level Hluttaw representatives, U Aye Shwe is the winner of No.1 Balake constituency, U Soe Reh is the winner of No.2 Balake Constituency, U Aye Maung is the winner of Pyitu Hluttaw Representative, U Kyaw Than is the winner of No.8 Amyotha Hluttaw, and U Soe Thein is the individual nominated winner for No.9 Amyatha Hluttaw.

Although we tried to reach with the contact numbers of some representatives uploaded online, their contact number is unreachable.

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