Peace Perspective of War Victims from Shardaw Region

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Maw Oo Myar

As the villages from Shardaw Township, Kayah (Karenni) State, encountered with the four cuts, the whole village had to flee and many villages were destroyed. Some villagers refuged in refugee camps, and some relocated to Shardaw Collective Village. Until now they could not return to the home villages.

There are some who return and do farming. In the past, there were over 200 villages in Shardaw Township. However, only around 20 villages are currently listed in General Administration Department. We would like to share our interviews with local people from Shardaw Township regarding to their perspective upon today peace process and feeling on today unpeaceful situation in their areas.

Khu Ku Reh Nora – Daw Kraw Aw Village (Shardaw Township)

In the case of peace, we haven’t got it. As you know we are not at the level of struggling for peace. Current situation is that we are at the level of ceasefire process. Therefore, in my point of view, we have not started peace yet if we look at the extent of peace process. We agreed to stop arm conflict and strive for ceasefire. I see it is just the beginning of peace. If we look at its extent, it is not at anywhere yet because we are suffering the consequences of four cuts in Shardaw until now.

Maw Neh Meh – Southern Collective Village (Shardaw Township)

In the case of peace, we haven’t reached to the expected extent.If we want peace, we should give the citizens the freedom of movement, and there should be, for instance, rights to do when we organize the meetings.

Khu Mi Reh – the person living in Shardaw Township

When we talk about peace, the two groups should fundamentally build mutual trust, and they should carry out in accordance with the components specified in the agreement. By doing like this, it will be closer to the extent of peace process. It would be, however, very hard to keep moving forward to peace process if it does not exist between the two groups. Currently, the government and military are not doing in accordance with the agreement, whereas they just do depend on their wills. It seems like making trouble. Peace is like, I think, there might not be any problem if the two groups move forward in accordance with the mutual agreement.

Maw Meh Mo – Southern Collective Village (Shardaw Township)

Regarding to peace, there is no change I see in Shardaw Township. It hasn’t reached that extent yet because whenever they do something, they always use the word; peace, peace, and they said they are on the path of democracy. However, we are, in fact, the one going on democracy. If they want peace, they should consider the rights to do. They prohibit us if we local people gather in group. It brings us into question why they do like this. If we really want peace and flow with the path of democracy, we should deserve freedom, and I think the role of youths should be more flexible. As I am a youth, I see we will be still far away from peace if those kinds of issues are still happening.

Khu Ra Reh – The person living in Shardaw Township

Regarding to peace, our Shardaw area is the worst concerned with the war in the past. I see there is a slightly change starting from 2012 until now. Sometimes nothing changes, sometimes it is going up and down. It is peaceful for the citizens if there is no fighting, and some may think it is the sign of peace. Sometimes, the conflict occurs again, and some people think the fighting is going to happen again if they hear the shooting. My point of view is that it would be better if they could follow with the rules specified in the agreement.

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