More children suffering from diarrhea and skin diseases in western Demoso Township


By Kantarawaddy Times

The number of children suffering from diarrhea and skin diseases has been increasing in western Demoso Township, according to local healthcare volunteers. The causes of the increase are a lack of access to regular healthcare services and a lack of clean water during the dry season.

Volunteers helping IDPs in western Demoso Township said that both IDP children and local children are not receiving proper healthcare services and have not had access to anti-worm medicine for two years. An increasing number of children are suffering skin diseases and diarrhea.

“One of the reasons for the skin problems is because these children are unable to access anti-worm medicine. If they don’t take anti-worm medicine, they will also suffer anemia disease,” a volunteer health worker helping IDPs in western Demoso Township told Kantarawaddy Times.

After the military coup, the level of healthcare service has greatly decreased in the villages in western Demoso Township. The ability of local people to travel for medical treatment in larger towns have been disrupted after the military coup.

“Before the coup, mobile healthcare service teams used to come to our village and provide anti-worm medicine for children and other protective medicines every six months. Our children have not taken any anti-worm medicine for more than two years,” a local man, who requested anonymity for security reasons, told Kantarawaddy times.

Volunteers said that there is currently a serious water drought in western Demoso Township. Local people and IDPs are unable to access enough water for their daily household needs and personal hygiene. The lack of access to clean water local is another factor that has contributed to the prevalence of diarrhea and skin diseases, according to health volunteers.


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