Kayah State Gov’t Mismanaged Funds, MP Says

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The government broke the law by placing Union funds in a private bank account, MP explains.

By Kantarawaddy Times

The Kayah State government has mismanaged thousands of Union funds by depositing it into a private bank account, said an MP for Hpraso township.

Thae Reh, state MP of Hpraso township constituency-1, said the state government broke the law by depositing US$10,395 in an account in the Myanmar Economics Bank after it received funds from the Union government for 2017-2018 fiscal year.

The Kayah State chief prime minister is responsible for monitoring state funds and only the deputy-director of GAD (general administration department) can withdraw the money, Thae Reh said during a state-level Parliament meeting on April 4. 

The government broke the law by placing Union funds in a private bank account, he explained.

“After the state government couldn’t start some of its projects on time because it mismanaged the funds it had to return the budget to the Union government. It also sold a tender project with an inflated price,” Thae Reh told Kantarawaddy Times. 

Thae Reh said that US$3,200 for the construction of new market in Maesae township was a waste of money after it was canceled after being half-completed.

MP Khin Maung Tun for Hpraso township constituency-2 said the development department of border area and ethnic affairs has been weak monitoring project development for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. 

The state government must ensure that projects its invested in are feasible and that it closely monitors them to make sure they’re properly implemented, he said.

Dr Aung Kyaw Htay, municipal and social minister for Kayah State government, said some projects have already been completed and others are underway. “We will submit a comprehensive financial report to the Kayah State Parliament and to the state chief auditor at a later date.” 

Aung Moung, chief auditor of Kayah state, cautioned for governmental departments to  carefully scrutinize projects before approving budgets.

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