Illegal Logging Arrested, the Accused still Investigating

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Kantarawaddy Times

The Mese Township Minister of Forestry U Sai Than Nyunt said they are still investigating the accused until now although they arrested the illegal logging at protected forest located in eastern part of Salween River, Mese Township.

“They still finding the accused until yesterday; the army is investigating since it occurs at armed group controlled area. As it is armed group controlled area, it would be better if the army find out it.” he said.

Photo– Forest Department (Facebook)
We discovered about this news on Forest Department Facebook page that the group headed by the Director of Kayah State Ministry of Forestry cooperated with other members and arrested this illegal logging. This leaded group includes forestry staffs, members of Da-Ka-Sa (Loikaw), members of Ka-La-Ya (134, 135), members of Ka-Ma-Ya (429), members of District General Administrative Office, local polices, and township administrative members.

They arrested the illegal teak, Padauk timber\ (15,481) carved timbers weighted (431.5484) tons, (3) sets of loggers, and other related equipment at protected forest in eastern part of Salween River, Mese Township. It also said they will find out the accused and effectively take action in accordance with the law.

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