IEC Receives Over 8.3 Billion Kyats in a Year, Most of Funds Allocated to Humanitarian Aid


By Kantarawaddy Times

Karenni State’s Interim Executive Council (IEC) has received over 8.3 billion Kyats in the first year of its formation, with the most funds spent on humanitarian aid, according to IEC Deputy Secretary U Banyar.

“Based on the current amount of funds, most of them has been spent on humanitarian assistance. The most funds come from international donations. Specifically, the international aid refers to the grants we have received. We have observed that most of funds we receive come from NGOs and INGOs,” U Banyar said.

The IEC marked its one-year anniversary on June 6th, 2024. In his anniversary speech, IEC Chairman Khu Oo Reh stated that they had received a total of 8.3 billion Kyats, with 6.187 billion Kyats allocated to various sectors.

“In the humanitarian sector, we have been collaborating with humanitarian aid organizations and IDP committees from different regions to ensure that the received funds reach vulnerable people affected by the conflict. We have been able to provide emergency relief and food distribution to over 150,000 displaced persons within the past year,” said Khu Oo Reh.

These funds were sourced from various avenues, including taxation, contributions from the National Unity Government, support from international donor organizations, contributions from the Karenni community residing in third countries, and donations from private donors.

“It’s clear that the education department’s expenses will remain substantial and might even become the highest priority in the future. However, due to the ongoing need for humanitarian assistance, this sector will also continue to be among the top recipients of expenditures, if not the highest, then the second highest,” added U Banyar.

The IEC consists of eight departments, providing services across various sectors. As of now, administrative mechanisms are functioning in eight townships in Karenni State.


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