Hpruso Villagers Worry About Dwindling Food Rations


By Kantarawaddy Times

Displaced villagers in Hpruso Township are concerned about where their next meal is coming from after their Sothel camp faced a donor shortfall this year.

“They are struggling for their survival,” explained a male volunteer helping them. Some people have risked returning to their farms, but their crop yield hasn’t been enough to sustain them, while for others it’s impossible to return because it’s much too dangerous.

Currently, the camp has some food left, but if donations don’t arrive soon, there will soon be nothing left for the 900 residents who fled from 6 villages.

According to a female volunteer, who is also requesting anonymity, only one group is providing for the 15 displaced camps in the township. “The religious group is unable to provide monthly donations for the people,” she said. They said if they run out, they’ve been told to let them know.

In previous years, the camps received donations every month, but in 2023 fresh supplies are only arriving every 4 to 6 months.

The regime has been blocking food shipments to Karenni State, which is impeding food deliveries for the camps. Additionally, poor road conditions during the wet season have also contributed to the problem.


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