Displaced Moebye Residents Lease Farmland for Their Livelihood During Planting Season


By Kantarawaddy Times

Due to ongoing conflicts in Moebye on the Shan-Karenni border, displaced Moebye residents, who have not yet been able to return home, are leasing farmland and cultivating crops to sustain their livelihoods while staying in the IDP camps.

A person who help IDPs told the Kantarawaddy Times that landowners in the areas where the displaced people have taken refuge are renting out farmland and providing seeds to the IDPs.

“Everyone is facing difficulties regarding their basic needs. Since we cannot always rely on donations, some IDPs are leasing farmland to cultivate crops for their sustenance as sharecroppers. The landowners are providing seeds, necessary fertilizers, and fuel for plowing. Those leasing the land work on the farming and share the profits equally,” added a person.

Source indicates that in Moebye, clashes between resistance forces and the military council continue, making it unsafe for residents to return due to the danger of landmines.

A local resident added that the revolutionary forces frequently launch attacks on the military junta’s 422 Infantry Battalion base stationed in Moebye, resulting in heavy artillery fire.

“There are occasional skirmishes. It is not daily occurrence but it happens on some days. Artillery shells are still landing and exploding in Moebye town,” said a local male resident.

Displaced Moebye residents have been unable to return home for over two years. With the prolonged displacement, support from donor organizations has dwindled, leading to a shortage of essential supplies in the rcamps, according to the displaced persons.


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