Civilians Wounded During Fighting In Mobye


By Kantarawaddy Times

Karenni resistance fighters battling the Burma Army (BA) in Mobye have urged civilians to be cautious after several people were wounded during fighting and regime shelling damaged homes in the region in southern Shan State.

“Locals have fled the fighting and sought refuge far away from the scene,” an anonymous officer from the Mobye People’s Defence Force (PDF) told the Kantarawaddy Times. He warned civilians in Pekon Township to be careful if they have to travel.

“We don’t know what’ll happen…We’re worried that people will get hurt or put themselves in danger.”

Even when there’s no fighting, the BA fires artillery into villages.

According to the Progressive Karenni People’s Front (PKPF), which monitors civilian casualties during the conflict in southern Shan and Karenni states, nearly 1,000 civilian homes have been damaged by BA shelling in Karenni State since the coup over a year ago. A number of civilians, including children and the elderly, were killed in some of these artillery attacks.

Resistance fighters have warned displaced civilians not to return home after several villagers were injured by hidden landmines planted by BA in and around their villages in Karenni State.

Over a week ago, two people from Htee Thawku and Kaderler in Hpruso Township were injured when they returned home to get food but accidentally detonated hidden landmines.

Around 200,000 people have been displaced by the conflict since the military overthrew the National League for Democracy government on 1 February 2021.


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