Burma Army Commences Patrols in Loikaw Township


By Kantarawaddy Times

Ko Maui, the deputy commander-in-chief of the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force has issued a warning to villagers in Loikaw Township regarding the presence of patrolling enemy soldiers.

Troops from Infantry Battalion 261, stationed near Nwar Lawo, were observed conducting patrols on the night of May 14th. “We estimate that approximately 60 to 100 Burma army soldiers, accompanied by two armored vehicles, were in the vicinity of Yay Kan village.”

He urged civilians residing in rural areas to remain vigilant for signs of gunfire, artillery shelling, or any aircraft activity to prevent unnecessary casualties.

Since the 1111 Operation staged by resistance forces last year, which saw the seizure of numerous positions, including much of Loikaw town, the capital of Karenni State, regime soldiers have seldom ventured out from their bases in the township.

Maui said the junta soldiers are attempting to escort another military column traveling from the Shan State border to the town and resistance groups are gearing up to repel any incursions.

Col Phone Naing, adjutant general of the Karenni Army, informed the Kantarawaddy Times that the Military Council is attempting to regain ground lost since the November 11 offensive launched by the resistance to expel regime forces from Karenni State.

“The Burma army is seeking to reclaim Loikaw, the industrial zone, and Ner Nat Taw Ward from resistance groups.”

Locals have reported drone attacks by the army and the dropping of chemical explosives around the industrial zone and capital, resulting in civilian injuries.

Several Burma army soldiers have been sighted moving through the town dressed in civilian attire.


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