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“If we have the same mission and goal, we could build trust”

Soe Htike Aung If we look at Karenni (Kayah) State, we have various EAOs based on its ethnic minorities.

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The draft Development Bill has been approved in Parliament

Soe Htike Aung Kayah State Hluttaw approved the draft Development Bill on December 24, the second day of the...

Company workers from remote arrived to Hpruso Township to build an educational building

Soe Htike Aung Amid locals fear over Covid19 outbreaks, 17 companies which won the projects from the Department of...

Those who are waiting for water donors; Daw Phu Village

Khun Clai Free It takes plenty time just to get a bucket of water and other household chores are...

Refugee camp returnees still struggling to rehabililation

Mi Myar The returnees who repatriated from refugee camps, which is the Kayah (Karenni) tribes refuged camp located in...

Low yeilds in the northern villages of Shardaw Township due to low rains this year

Mi Myar The yield was low in villages, north of Shardaw Township this year due to low rains said...
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