Local Encountering Water Shortage for Personal Hygiene

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Local says they are under life-threatening concerns for children as they could not care for child’s hygiene due to water shortage in Doe Preh Village-tract, Hpruso Township.

“At this condition of water scarcity in summer, our children under age-5 could access water very hardly to wash their hand. It caused until they suffer diarrhea due to this situation. Their lives even become endanger. We have the evidence of it,” said U Htar Ru, the local of Weltu Daw Village, Doe Preh Village-tract.

Instead of struggling for hand washing to protect from current acute Corona Virus, they even facing with the challenges of water shortage for their children’s hygiene and laundry.

They not only struggling for this condition, there are also some losses of their livestock due to its migration for seeking water accessibility.

“We also do not have any water for our raising livestock to drink. So, there are some migrated to water accessible area or we lost them. Some were even dead. Thus, these losses hit to our business and living. If we have good raining, we could not lose them, our livestock.” said U Hsaw Reh, the chief of Doe Preh Village-tract.

It says they are facing with the disaster of water shortage this year as there was less rain since last year October within rainy season. They still have to minimize using the water although there are some donors who came and donate them water.

Although the area, Doe Preh Village-tract, has water sources, the problem of water scarcity becomes higher due to limited support, which has only villagers’ work force, for maintaining the water source.
The Head of Karenni (Kayah) State Farmer Union U Khu Tu Reh said it would be better if the government could modify the existed water source instead of donating water.

“I believe if the villagers form a committee and cooperate with the government systematically to plan for a kind of project to maintain and modify the existed water source, it automatically solves the problem of water shortage we are encountering in this summer.” he said.

The villagers from Doe Preh Village-tract are encountering in every sector; economic, education, social, and so on, due to current water scarcity, and they are expecting the government to have field visit on it.

There is a lake called Htay Taw which belonged to five villages- Lyar Du, Htee Du Leh, Htay Lyar Hso, Weltu Daw, and Bi Hso under Doe Preh Village-tract, and the lake is dried every year due to heavy the mug.

They started organizing the Preservation and Maintenance Committee for Htay Taw Lake on March 17, 2020.

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