Fish ponds to be implemented in Central Kayan Region

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Khun Clai Free

Private fishery ponds will be set up in the Central Kayan region, Southern Shan State, Phekone Township, said Win Zaw Moe, project manager of the Fisheries Project.

“There are local resources, water resources, lands, and even vacant land. But they used nothing. With the aim of implementing fish for livelihoods, we are partnering with the World Fish to provide nutritious food in the region, and the other is to raise on their own to increase family income. ”

He said that in order to be involved in such a fish for livelihoods, the locals have been selected to be of real interest and to adhere to the criteria set by the project team.
The project team plans to build about 30 fish ponds in the central Kayan region.

“We have consumers. There are no producers. So the dish when we buy fish oil, we can’t get it fresh. Then we ate the frozen fish. When we buy for meal, we don’t get any income from the kitchen and we couldn’t eat it fresh, and it costs more. My wish is to produce it here. I will raise them here,” U Than Kyaw Hla, a fish farmer from See Bu village, said.
The Pe’ Kon Group said they will provide free local fish and support fish food in the first phase, but will later provide ways to produce fish food.

The team said they would work with a technical expert to help keep fish ponds organized and prevent fish diseases.

Khun Law Rai, a representative from Nown Ton village who is preparing to implement a village-owned fish pond, said,

“Because the pond we have built is a public pond, so we have plan to provide those raised fish to the village or anyone in community whenever someone from community having difficulty, or it can also be used for village festival. And the income which we make from the fishing will be for community education and health.”

They said it has been requested to keep record of the project that the profit get from the pond will not be profitable by the Pe’ Kon Charity Group, but will be for community people whether they consume it or sell it.

Officials say a list of fish farmers in the Central Kayan region has been compiled and will be notified when it will start.

Pe’ Kon Charity Group has said that 102 ponds have been set up in Pe’ Kon Township and Pinlaung Township in southern Shan State.

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